SVET: The Electric Hip Hop Violinist

Globally recognized for his incredible talent to recreate music and songs of today with the violin, SVET has shared stages with Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Cee Lo Green, Phillip Phillips and The Black Keys. Backed by a high energy DJ, SVET performs a selection of top 40 classic covers as well as original numbers where this multi-talented artist sings, raps, beat boxes, and dances – all while continuously playing the violin.

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told

Off Broadway’s improvised, interactive, musical adventure filled with boatloads of laugh-out-loud moments as a crew of misfit pirates turned actors attempt to put on a Broadway musical and must turn to your event’s audience to suggest key bits of the story. Cast members improvise the plot, seamlessly weaving audience suggestions into scenes, songs and more!  

The Three Redneck Tenors

Join Billy Bob, Billy Joe, and Billy Billee as they mix NASCAR with Beethoven, lite beer with Puccini and even kick up a little dust with Ave Maria Dixie! Travel with our 3 redneck cousins from their modest beginnings in Paris, Texas, where they discover that belting out a high C causes pigs to move faster and bar brawlers to scatter…all the way to their triumphant debut at New York's famous Carnegie Hall.

Uptown Shakedown

Kwame Binea is a self-proclaimed rocker to the core, but he has peppered his own brand of “Roots Rock” which embodies his fertile and culturally diverse personal saga; growing up in West London (his birth place) and his native origins in Ghana, later setting up home in New York City to unearth his artistic aspirations as a burgeoning singer/songwriter. Uptown Shakedown blends rhythmic rock n roll, infectious funk, silky soul with screaming blues. Whether it’s an original song or a classic rock cover like Satisfaction, Uptown Shakedown’s feel-good, positive energy and unbridled passion will help make your event a success.