Digital Caricature Artists

Our digital caricature artists will make your event a blast!  In just mere moments, our artists will sketch hilarious cartoon pictures of you and your guests.  Kids are enthralled, adults are entertained, and everyone leaves with a caricature as a party favor.  Whether your event is corporate or private, caricatures lend the perfect touch at birthdays, conventions, wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, banquets, trade shows, holiday parties, late night graduation parties, corporate functions, mall events, picnics, college events…you get the picture! 

Aerial Ballet and Acrobats

To create some of the most innovative, spectacular entertainment on the planet, look up! Our aerialists and cirque-style acrobats will wow your guests. We offer a range of performances for corporate events and parties – from stunning swinging trapeze, spinning Spanish Web, dramatic silk and rope drops to fully produced cirque-styled productions; your guests can witness breathtaking feats from acrobats, gymnasts and stilt walkersand our contortionists will bend over backwards to ensure your next function is the most successful ever.

Electro Violinists

Bring sophistication and refinement to your event with our fantastic selection of electric violinists, violin players, and electric string quartets.  From relaxed classical sets through to high octane, professionally choreographed shows, our violin groups are able to combine a fusion of musical genres with breath-taking technical skill in order to deliver high impact entertainment that leaves a lasting impression.

Performing a dynamic repertoire of classical music, classical crossover, rock, pop hits, film soundtracks and more, our electric violinists will provide the perfect musical backdrop to take your event to the next level.

Murder Mystery

Perfect for whenever you want to do something a little different, a night out with the experts in mystery entertainment promises to be an unforgettably thrilling evening.  Let us bring a cast of professionally trained actors to your next event to turn it into a murder mystery extravaganza! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, business event, holiday get-together, or any other gathering, we can make it a killer murder mystery party to remember. Your guests will get the chance to solve a murder mystery case just like a detective, and you can be the proud host of an entertaining and interactive mystery event!  

Illusionists, Mentalists, Hypnotists

How do they do it? You may think your eyes are not functioning properly after watching some of our amazing performers. Did you just see a woman get sawed in half, yet end up fully intact? Did someone just read your mind?  Did innocent audience members start jumping up and down convinced that they have “won the lottery?  Our amazing illusionists, mentalists and hypnotists will mesmerize your audience.  Don’t try to figure it out because your eyes won’t let you, just sit back and get ready to be amazed as our world-class performers delight and enchant your guests with fresh and memorable moments.

Speed Painters

You've heard of fast food. But what about fast art? Prepare to be amazed as our speed painters whip up masterpieces in minutes. This is more than a show, it is a high energy experience as the speed artist  blends music, humor, and audience interaction all while creating giant portraits of various subjects within minutes. Great for private parties and for corporate events, with this unique form of entertainment. Customized events for corporations can include a painting to deliver a message or incorporate your brand along with the entertainment. 

Ice Skaters

Ice can be so nice! Ideal for gala dinners, corporate functions, ceremonies and more, we offer you stunning shows on ice created exclusively for your special occasion. Our beautiful ice skating shows will take your special occasion to the next level, providing unique event entertainment and delighting audiences of all ages with enchanting figure skating performances full of daring jumps, spins, and twirls. Able to tie in with every event theme, our brilliant ice shows can be performed on a range of surfaces, including a portable synthetic ice surface.


We have amazing jugglers and juggling acts for any event: corporate, promotional, community, charity and private. With skills, props and costumes galore. Our jugglers can toss with the best of them, including ball, club and ring juggling, poi, staff and devil stick spinning, diabolo, plate and hat manipulation -- even fire and danger prop juggling (imagine juggling a Texas chainsaw!). We offer shows, freestyle and roving acts. Acts that will wow everyone in the audience - adults and children alike.


Need a laugh? No one knows how to work a crowd like a professional comedian. Whether you’re looking for a clean comedian or someone more edgy, we’ll help you find the perfect comedian or emcee for your audience. We book comedians for large corporate events, conventions, sales meetings, award banquets and trade shows. Our comedy shows can be everything from stand-up comedians, to improv shows, comedy magicians, musical comedy shows and more. 


Need to make the best impression at your corporate event or charity event, fund-raiser or gala?  A great speaker can make a big difference.  Let BiCoastal Events help you source the best and the brightest thought-leaders, inspiring sports stars, authors, politicians, celebrities and entertainers to engage your audience with their wit and wisdom.